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Are Electric Cars Losing Their Spark?

A recent survey revealed that greener car models aren’t being brought into by the average motorist. The poll surveyed around 200 global motor industry leaders who concluded electric cars are losing their spark.

Nissan to Sell Cheaper Leaf

Japanese car maker Nissan are planning to sell a cheaper version of their signature electric car. This comes after Nissan fell well short on their target for Leaf sales.

‘Steer-By-Wire’ Tech to Hit Showrooms in 2013

The brand new electronic steering technology, also known as ‘steer-by-wire’, is to hit Nissan showrooms within the next year. The tech is already used in aeroplanes and will be mass-produced by the Japanese car maker.

Nissan Recalls 50,000 Qashqai Cars

Car maker Nissan has recalled around 50,000 Qashqais after a steering wheel fell off in one driver’s hand! It is thought that 7,300 cars are defect in the UK, whilst a further 45,500 are to be recalled from across Europe.

Honda Ranked Greenest Brand

Visitors to the UK’s green motor show Ecovelocity have named Honda the greenest brand, which puts it ahead of competitors Vauxhall and Nissan.

Never Run on Flat Again

The new 2013 Altima sedan is about to come onto the road and off the production line. The new Nissan model incorporates handy tyre pressure technology to warn you when your tyres are too low and when they’re full!

The Big Apple and Sustainable Motoring

Nissan is on a mission to provide the fuel conscious taxi drivers of New York City with sustainable motors. The Japanese car maker travelled to the Big Apple to test six electric vehicles.

Criminals Beware!

Is this the world’s scariest police car? The Nissan GT-R patrols the streets of Virginia and Washington DC in the US, and is manned by ex US secret service and undercover cops.

100% Electric Nissan Leaf Is Leader Of The Pack

The Nissan Leaf is still proving popular as a leading innovation in sustainable motoring. The Leaf, which recently scooped up the prestigious award  of ‘World Car of the Year’, is low cost and cutting edge technically.

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Nissan To Open Centre Of Excellence In Gateshead

Nissan LogoJapanese car manufacturers Nissan have announced a joint venture with Gateshead College to turn the region into the ‘epicentre of electrical vehicle expertise’ in Europe.

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