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Traffic Warden Still A Large Despite Floods

Motorists have spoke out in fury after discovering their cars had been ticketed by a traffic warden despite being stranded in flood water. The Gloucestershire drivers face £50 fines, but many have refused to pay up and are appealing against the fine.

Cut Your Repair Bills By a Third…

…with an electric car. Owning a super sustainable car not only saves money on fuel, but you also spend less on repairs too! An electric car repair bill is 35% less than a petrol or diesel car according to a recent study conducted by the Institute for Automotive Research (IFA).

For Sale: Aston Martin

Luxury car brand Aston Martin is up for sale! However for many, this isn’t news – despite the UK manufacturer producing a number of beautiful cars with a lot of history behind them, many are questioning whether Aston will go full circle and make a profit once more. What do you think?

Don’t be a Fool This Christmas

Shoppers have been warned not to leave Christmas presents on display in their cars on the run up to Christmas. Thefts from vehicles have actually declined in recent years but Christmas is prime time for car thieves looking to do a bit of early Christmas shopping.

Ditch the Car for Healthier Britain

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence are urging drivers to fight inactivity and obesity by ditching the car and walking or cycling short journeys.

Charge Point Installation Leaves Drivers Stumped

Northern Ireland is set to receive over 130 electric car charge points by March next year and there is around £2million worth of funding to introduce them, but will it really catch on?

Female Drivers have Days to Renew

Female motorists have just days to renew their car insurance before premiums almost double in some cases. Women could face up to a £3,000 hike thanks to EU gender ruling.

Clueless About Car Maintenance?

Are you completely clueless when it comes to car maintenance? Unbeknown to many you can complete simple checks yourself to ensure a smooth running vehicle.

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Car Thefts on the Rise in Yorkshire

There has been a crime wave in South Yorkshire recently. The number of cars stolen has risen dramatically from 35 in 2008 to 869 in this year so far.

Car Rental Company A1 Under Investigation

Leicestershire-based vehicle rental company, A1 National Car and Van Rental Ltd, are currently under investigation by Trading Standards after failing to return customer deposits.