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Charity Worker Travels The Length Of UK In Electric Car

Kevin Sharpe aged 51yrs, has recently completed a journey from one end of Britain to the other in an electric car, a journey of 894 miles. Charity boss Kevin made six stops to charge the eco friendly Tesla Roadster at a total cost of just £20. The same journey would cost around £138 in a petrol fuelled family car.

The challenge was devised as a way of raising electrical car awareness. The cost to charge the battery was around £3-4 which is enough to allow for 200 miles of driving at 70mph. He first charged at Wick in Scotland and had to power the car again in Kirknewton and Aviemore which is north of the border. Kevin then travelled through England and charged his vehicle in Nottingham, Durham, Birmingham and Taunton before reaching lands end 36 hours later. Charity boss Mr Sharpe from Zero Carbon World said it was ‘a fantastic way to make the general public aware of the network.’

“There were points where we were worried with having a full load on board but it worked out to be fine.”

There are nine charge points throughout the network situated in hotel car parks across the country. Customers are charged for the electric that they use and hoteliers are charged £250 for their installation.

There are two ways to charge the vehicles which take 8hrs for overnight or a quick 3hr charge which both run on 70amp plug. David Peilow, a satellite engineer and Mr Sharpe set off from John O’ Groats on May 21st. Mitsubishi Audi , VW and BMW are all set to delve into the market to start to produce these electric cars in the next couple of years. Nissan have already produced their own electric car called ‘The Leaf’ which will be cost £25,000. Tesla Motors is based in California and the Tesla Roadster is based on a Lotus Elise and will be the first car which to use battery cells powered by lithium.

Cambridge residents affected by gas pipe replacements

cambridgeCambridge City centre has been undergoing work to replace aged gas pipes since last April with 10 streets in the city centre to undergo work by the National Grid in the last phase which is now predicted to finish in March next year, a month later than originally anticipated, resulting in further delays for local motorists.

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Sainsbury’s Take On Tesco In Car Insurance War

Sainsbury’s will tomorrow relaunch its motor insurance business in direct competition with Tesco to open up a new front in the fierce high Street battle for customers.

The Sainsbury’s deal, in partnership with RBS Insurance, promises to give customers a saving of about 15% on premiums in the form of Nectar loyalty card points. Shoppers will also be able to earn loyalty points equal to one per cent off their bills for the next two years. The deals come with average motor insurance premiums estimated to have risen by about 30% to £815 in the past year in the UK.

Tesco is believed to be approaching 5% of the entire British motor insurance market, as supermarkets turn to financial services in a bitter struggle for profits. The retail giant believes it can use its powerful brand names to convince consumers to switch from other providers, such as tarnished high street banks.

Until now Sainsbury’s has provided motor insurance via esure but Ben Tyte, the supermarket’s head of motor insurance, said the company wanted to expand and ‘make a significant impact on the market.’

Tyte said that the use of the Nectar card to reward those purchasing insurance was designed to increase customer loyalty. Sainsbury’s insurance business is understood to have increased new business by about a quarter in the past year and to have reported pretax profits of £30m. Clearly, though, despite major growth in insurance lines such as pets and home, Sainsbury’s feel that they are being eclipsed by Tesco in the area of financial services.

Tesco recently bought out RBS from a joint financial services venture that it now runs singlehanded, and it plans to begin offering current accounts and mortgage lending. In addition, Tesco’s share of the motor insurance market seems destined to grow following the recent launch of its online second-hand car dealership.

With price competition in their mainstream business fiercer than ever due to the continued rise of global commodity prices, supermarkets are desperate to keep customers loyal. Research by Sainsbury’s has shown that shoppers who buy a financial product from the company typically spend more in store.

Reliant Robin Drivers Are Among The Safest In Britain Says New Survey

A new survey recently conducted on Reliant Robin owners stated that they were among the safest drivers in the UK. The survey conducted by comparison website published statistics stating that one in a hundred Reliant Robin drivers have been involved in a road traffic collision over in the last five years, putting them top of the league on the website. Lexus drivers are more likely to have an accident with figures showing that they are ten times more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than their Reliant Robin counterparts.

The information released was in reference to over seven million motor insurance quotes over the past year. They analysed half a million insurance claims made by drivers who have had an accident. Just 0.9% of Reliant Robin drivers had claimed crash damage over the past twelve months. Gareth Kloet of said “A Reliant Robin is a niche car now. People who own one look after them and know how to handle a three wheeler. Most are members of specialist clubs devoted to the model and only drive them on special occasions.”

The statistics indicated some other surprising results with Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and Bentleys among the ten cars with the fewest accident claims. At the other end Lexus were joined by Honda, Chrysler, Toyota and Mazda. After the statistics were released spokes people from Honda and Lexus stated that their cars were as safe as any other model on the market currently.

Reliant three wheelers were originally adopted motorcycle trikes with a van style body design, which first hit the market in 1935.

Dealer’s Right To Repair Rejected By Court

A dealer’s right to repair has been rejected by a court and he has been told to pay £2750 to the customer.

The court has now decided that if a car should break down and need repair post-sale, then the garage that sold the vehicle has no divine right to be consulted if it has been repaired elsewhere and costs invoiced to original dealer.

This ruling now challenges the perceived view that under the Sale of Goods Act, where for any vehicles that have been sold, dealers would have the chance to view and repair any problems for which they are accountable.

Legal Adviser Lucy Bonham-Carter said, “The implications of this hearing mean that car dealers may need to amend their terms and conditions of sale.”

“A clearly defined return and repair policy is required or they could face a significant financial loss.”

The parties in question at Evesham court were dealer Sean McGrath and the private buyer of the Land Rover Discovery in March 2010 – Garry Barnes.

As a profession, Barnes works for a Midlands PLC as a company secretary and accountant. He purported that 2 weeks from signing for the car the gearbox began to deteriorate and make a strange noise.  Mr Barnes then decided to rectify the problem and contacted a local firm to replace the damaged gearbox to the tune of £2750.  The new owner decided against calling Mr McGrath and did not give him the opportunity to survey the perceived problem.

3 months later Mr McGrath, the dealer, received a demand for payment along with a threat of court action under the Sales of Goods Act if he did not pay his outstanding bill to Mr Barnes.  This was the first time Mr McGrath had heard of any problem with the Land Rover Discovery.

Both parties represented themselves when the case proceeded to Evesham County Court.

Rises in fuel costs are decreasing congestion

There has been a four per cent increase in successful motorway/main road journeys completed on time over the last 12 months. The figure stands at 85.3 per cent and the Highways agency believe that this is down to more and more people leaving their cars at home. Read on…

Think About Insurance Before Venturing Abroad In Your Car

This summer British holiday makers will be travelling by car to the continent. Over two million of the general public will do so in a bid to save money on travel expenses but little do they know it could end up costing a fortune.

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Lack of new car purchases affects manufacturers to the point of forced liquidation

Car manufacturer Saab are in great danger of going into liquidation due to the fact that assembly lines are stood still and company accounts empty due to a large decrease in sales. Read on…

Customers Shocked As Second Hand Car Firm Closes

Customers have been caused huge headaches due to the closure of second hand car business Karrs motor traders in avenue road Torbay, which is located in the Torquay area. Read on…

Vandal damages parked vehicles in Halliwell

car vandalismVandals have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to a number of cars in the area of Halliwell. Police are currently trying to track down the person who has caused this damage.

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