Timing Belts in Petham

Definition of a cam belt

A timing belt is a belt that connects an engine's crank and camshafts. It is covered with 'teeth' that are different shapes dependant on your belt's type. Round teeth will be found of newer models of cam belt, whereas older timing belts will be covered with sharp or triangular teeth.

Timing belts are normally made from rubber and are then strengthened with materials like kevlar to ensure that they are able to last longer. Modern timing belts are made out of highly resistant materials like HSN to prevent damage as a result of exposure to high temperatures. Modern timing belts have less width to decrease weight and friction subsequently.

Why do you need a timing belt?

Cam belts are belts that are normally made of rubber that regulate the timing of engine valves in vehicles.

The engine valves need to open and close a set number of times and the cam belt makes sure that this happens in order.

The teeth on a cam belt are purposefully made in order for them to provide a high level of efficiency for their intended engine.

These teeth will turn the cam shaft of the vehicle's engine and ensure that it does not drop out of sync with the crankshaft.

The camshaft turns at half the speed as the engine's crankshaft, and the cam belt ensures this happens.

Should this be prevented from happening the engine will not run properly which will result in your engine being damaged.

Reasons for such damage can be things such as valves in the vehicle's engine staying open at the wrong times leading to them sticking to the pistons.

The consequences of failing to act on timing belt issues

Failure to recognise the signs of a damaged timing belt, or worse yet; failure to act upon it can have disastrous consequences for your car engine.

Should you have an interference engine on your vehicle can lead to your car becoming irreparably damaged in some circumstances.

If the cam belt snaps then your car will simply stop, but if the belt continues to work whilst it is damaged it could be causing significant damage without your knowledge.

When the cam belt is damaged it will cause the valves and pistons to hit together which can cause cracks in the valve guides.

You could also end up with bend valve guides which can cost a considerable amount to have fixed.

In extreme circumstances your cam shaft may even break.

Should you be having any difficulties with your cam belt RepairACar can be utilised to source you a cam belt specialist in Petham.