Timing Belts in Bekesbourne

Bekesbourne mechanic firms can carry out work on cam belts

When you need to have work carried out on your cam belt you will have to locate a mechanic in Bekesbourne.

RepairACar can be used to source registered Bekesbourne mechanics to work on the timing belt of your vehicle.

Mechanics in Bekesbourne are able to perform a wide range of timing belt tasks.

Should you have noticed your cam belt may be damaged they can undertake a cam belt inspection.

If your cam belt is in fact damaged our Bekesbourne timing belt specialists are able to repair it, or should this not be possible, they can replace your damaged cam belt.

It might be that you need to have your timing belt tightened, or it could be that you need to have it loosened as it is running too tightly.

You cam belt may need to be realigned.

Perhaps you need to have your cam belt and crankshaft synchronised, or it could be that you wish to have your cam belt and water pump replaced together, RepairACar can be used to help you find timing belt experts in Bekesbourne irrespective of your problem.

Why do you need a timing belt?

Cam belts can be found within the engine of your car that are able to control the timing of valves in engines. Engine valves must open and close a specific number of times and a timing belt ensures that this is allowed to happen. A cam belt's teeth are carefully designed with regards to the sort of engine that the belt is part of.

These teeth turn the cam shaft of the engine in sync with the crankshaft. The cam shaft turns half as fast as the crankshaft of the engine, enabled by the timing belt. Should something stop this from happening then the engine will be prevented from efficiently working which can lead to your engine suffering irreparable damage.

Causes of such engine damage can include your engine's valves remaining open when they shouldn't be leading to them sticking to the pistons.

What is a cam belt?

A cam belt provides a connection for the crankshaft of an engine and its camshaft. It has teeth that vary in shape depending on the sort of belt your vehicle has.

Newer models of timing belt tend to have rounded teeth, whereas older belts will often have sharper teeth. Timing belts are normally made from rubber and are then strengthened by materials such as fibreglass to ensure that they are able to last longer.

Modern cam belts will sometimes be made from durable materials such as HSN so that they will not suffer damage because of high engine temperatures. Recently made cam belts are manufactured much thinner so as to lower weight and as a result, friction.

Issues that may develop with your timing belt

Problems with a car's timing belt are one of the biggest causes of vehicles suffering breakdowns. Cam belts can suffer a number of problems and recognising them in time can be the difference between breaking down or not.

Having your cam belt snap is the worst possible problem, but there are other issues that can lead to this happening. Cam belts can become too tight resulting in them creaking noisily.

Should the teeth fall out of your timing belt the cam shaft cannot be turned. Another thing that stops camshafts turning are timing belts becoming misaligned.

Timing belts being exposed to oil can be damaging causing the dimensions of the belt to shift, stopping it from working. Cam belts are also known to slacken with them ending up slid out of position.

A corroded cam belt will also snap eventually.

The consequences of failing to act on timing belt issues

A failure to spot that your cam belt is damaged, or even worse; failure to address the problem can spell disaster for your engine.

If you Hyundai car has an interference engine can result in notable damage to your auto mobile.

If the timing belt in your vehicle snap then your car will not be able to run at all, but if it continues to function whilst damaged it could be causing significant damage without your knowledge.

Should your timing belt be damaged the pistons and valves in your engine will collide which can result in cracks forming in your valve guides.

Your valve guides may also become bent which can result in considerable expense to fix.

You might even end up with a broken camshaft.

Should you be having any difficulties with your cam belt RepairACar can be utilised to source you a cam belt specialist in Bekesbourne.